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PPCmate is a leading advertising platform. PPCmate lets you buy website traffic with a self-serve advertising platform. It helps you obtain top-quality, high-performing, and brand-safe traffic from leading advertising networks.


Alankrat Productions created and edited many advertisements for PPCmate. PPCmate is one of the most important clients of Alankrat Productions and almost all its advertisements were edited and created by Alankrat Productions. 


Alankrat Productions has created some tutorial and explainer videos for PPCmate that includes voiceovers, motion graphics, background music, screen recording, titles, etc.


Alankrat Productions did video editing, audio editing, color correction, color grading, animation, graphic design, and add titles too. 


Alankrat Productions provided PPCmate with many top-notch videos and all the videos appealed to the client. PPCmate was quite satisfied and content with the work done by Alankrat Productions. 


PPCmate is one of the oldest clients of Alanktrat Productions and it still continues its association with Alankrat. 


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