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Social Media Videos
The formula of unprecedented boom.
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What are Social Media Videos?
Social Media Videos are videos published and watched on social media, such as Facebook or Instagram. These videos are loved and watched the most. They have the power of making content viral in the least amount of time and money. 
Social media videos are angel videos for creating awareness for a brand or business. Marketers can also create an engaging video by optimizing with what they want to share to create awareness about a brand.
What is Explainer Video?
Why Social Media Videos?
  • Time-saving & Budget-efficient: It spreads out in less time with no or less cost.
  • Fastest Reach: Huge Audience & easy to share 
  • Feedback Generator: Likes, comments, etc., help in feedback generation, can also be helpful in link building. 
Our Variants:
  • Micro videos: Reels/ Youtube shorts, etc.
  • Video Ads: Facebook ads, Youtube Ads, & more
  • Marketing Videos: Explainer videos, Tutorials, Promo videos, etc.
  • Other non-marketing videos for vloggers & influencers.
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Our variants
  • Animated Tutorials: Whiteboard animation, 2D animation & much more
  • Screencast Tutorials: The recording of screens fused with appealing audios.
  • Graphical: Infographic/Typography/Photography Tutorials
  • Live Clips: Video of actual person & actual voice merged with sound effects.  
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